Opterus Releases Store Ops Software Upgrade

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Opterus Releases Store Ops Software Upgrade

Opterus Inc., a Toronto-based provider of Web-based store communications and task management solutions, this week released its Store Ops-Center Version 2.2, the latest update of its on-demand retail portal designed specifically to create content, ensure message delivery to stores, monitor task execution and enforce operational compliance.

Key enhancements in V2.2 include:

-- Store Calendar, which provides stores with a calendar view of their assigned tasks and an event scheduling solution for store-generated and personal entries. All levels of operational management can be configured to have the ability to enter, view and track upcoming store events.

-- Survey Creator, which allows the head office to quickly and easily create store surveys that can be targeted to specific stores, groups of stores, or individual roles within the stores. Survey results can be retrieved and are available in various formats including csv, xml or via Web services.

-- Task Attachments, which allow stores to attach files (spreadsheets, documents, pictures, etc.) when completing a task.

-- Location Properties, which provide an extension of the retail hierarchy, allowing retailers to target tasks and communications at groups of stores based on store attributes. For example, store communications can be targeted based on unlimited attributes such as store size and format, the distribution center that services the stores, the types of services offered within the stores (pharmacy, deli, etc.), and other user-defined criteria.