Opterus Bows Store Ops-Center V3.0

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Opterus Bows Store Ops-Center V3.0


Opterus Inc., a provider of cost-effective, Web-based store communications and task management solutions, has released Store Ops-Center Version 3.0, which includes a Store Scheduling feature. Store Ops-Center is an on-demand, web-based retail portal designed to gauge and boost operational compliance, convey corporate policy, manage day-to-day objectives and tasks, and address issues between corporate office and store locations.

In common with all new versions of the solution, the latest iteration of Store Ops-Center adds new functionality to the existing modules, as well as the Store Scheduling feature. It will enable retailers that use manual employee schedules at store level to create and manage them more efficiently online. The easy-to-use Store Scheduling feature aims to provide a simple way to craft employee schedules, change shifts and set breaks. Store employees, district managers or anyone at the head office are able to view schedules within Store Ops-Center.

Additionally, the Store Scheduling feature aids easy schedule creation by automatically showing total hours by employee, day and store location. Users can copy schedules from past weeks so that they don't have to be re-created from scratch, and the daily shift chart helps ensure sufficient sales floor coverage at all times. The module also enables staff schedules to be confirmed and finalized at the end of the work period so that actual times can be easily downloaded for payroll data collection and processing.

Offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, Store Ops-Center enhances employee productivity with full compliance monitoring of what, how and when tasks are completed and communications are read, according to the vendor.

“Opterus is committed to providing the most feature-rich store communications, task management and store execution management solution in the retail industry,” noted Rick Peters, chief product officer at the Toronto-based company. "The Opterus development strategy relies heavily on input from our clients on the features and functionality that are most important to them. As we continue to build out our functionality, other retailers are able to take advantage of these ongoing enhancements.”

For more information, contact Janet Hawkins at 519-853-0442 or [email protected]