Online Retailer Earns USDA-Certified Organic Status

Mile High Organics in Boulder, Colo., has become the first online grocery retailer in the United States to receive USDA organic certification, the company announced April 25.

The voluntary USDA organic certification guarantees that Mile High Organics' food meets its standards, such as the food is grown without synthetic fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides or growth hormones. The food also has to be stored away from conventional foods. It is these audited processes that ensure consumers that all products are properly documented all the way from source to each household.

"We are motivated to lead the industry in establishing the gold standard for food quality and safety," said Michael Joseph, CEO, president and co-founder of the organic produce and natural grocery retailer. "Our objective is to be the most transparent, highest-quality retailer that enables our customers to make the best food choices and also receive what they expect."

Previously, Mile High Organics was certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). CCOF certifies to the standards of the USDA National Organic Program and promotes organic food and agriculture through its premier organic certification program, trade support, producer and consumer education and political advocacy.

Mile High Organics supplies completely non-genetically modified foods, free from harmful pesticides and synthetic chemical inputs, and grown in organically managed fields. The company has strong relationships with local organic farmers, and provides as much local, seasonal organic produce and groceries as possible.

The Organic Trade Association congratulated Mile High Organics for pursuing and achieving organic certification. Christine Bushway, executive director and CEO of the Organic Trade Association, said, "Meeting the demands of a busy and health-conscious consumer with home delivery of organic food and products is a wonderful example of the entrepreneurial spirit embodied in the organic industry which grew at a rate of more than 9 percent in the last year."

Mile High Organics has also formed partnerships with many Colorado natural and organic food manufacturers to
provide an affordable grocery menu that goes beyond produce, including organic milk, soup, granola, coffee, juice, spices and much more. Mile High Organics also offers environmentally friendly kitchen supplies and household items. Approximately 20 new items are added per week, largely compiled from customer recommendations.
Mile High Organics customers sign up for weekly delivery that can be customized for their individual tastes. The company currently serves the entire Front Range area, including Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.

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