Online Grocer Launches Healthy Prepared Meal Delivery

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Online Grocer Launches Healthy Prepared Meal Delivery


Online retailer Door to Door Organics has introduced its local-sourced prepared meal program, which launched in Boulder, Colo., with restaurant and caterer Dish Gourmet to offer chef-created heat and serve meals, making it easier to get fresh, healthy, restaurant-quality dishes on the table in minutes. Dish Gourmet is a gourmet deli that has been serving health-conscious customers meals since 2006.

“The best way to support Colorado farmers and businesses is to buy local,” said Chad Arnold, CEO of Door to Door Organics. “We believe that leading the way with a 20 percent pledge and offering healthy, prepared meals with locally sourced ingredients for busy households, we will inspire and empower industry peers and customers alike to be good stewards of their health, and the long-term health of our community and environment.”

By partnering with Dish Gourmet, Door to Door Organics takes the hassle out of shopping and preparing meals, enabling busy families to spend more time gathering around the table enjoying good food. Each gourmet meal is available starting today in the deli tab of the recently transformed Shopping website interface launched by Door to Door Organics in September. The menu will refresh seasonally and will continue to expand as part of Door to Door Organics’ long-term goal to provide customers with convenient meals that fit their unique needs and preferences, including paleo diets, complete meal kits and frozen meals.

The Door to Door Organics website contains meal choices for all dietary preferences including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. The first meals available include grass-fed Buffalo Meat Loaf, Pork Green Chili Enchiladas (gluten-free), Spinach and Feta Stuffed Chicken Breast (gluten-free), Vegan Lentil Stew (dairy- and gluten-free) and Vegetarian Roasted Red Pepper and Broccoli Mac ‘n’ Cheese. The meals are made with ingredients that are sourced locally and organically wherever possible, including meats procured from outstanding, independent Colorado farmers, which are then roasted in-house every day.

In addition to the rollout of prepared meals in Colorado, Door to Door Organics has formed a partnership with Local Food Shift, an organization devoted to helping Colorado work toward localizing its food supply to rebuild the local food economy. Local Food Shift has challenged businesses and retailers to pledge 10 percent of sales come from local foods. The same goes for individuals – Local Food Shift also challenges them to commit 10 percent of their food budget to purchasing local food. Door to Door Organics is the first and only grocer in Colorado to go beyond the 10 percent pledge and take the 20 percent Local Food Shift pledge. They do this with the intention of inspiring other retailers to do the same.

By doubling its pledge, Door to Door Organics is committed to providing customers with a simple grocery shopping solution enabling them to eat local year round, even as farmer’s markets and Community Supported Agriculture farms close for the season.

“We are proud to have Door to Door Organics as our partner in our commitment to help Coloradans support local farmers and food producers,” said Michael Brownlee, catalyst of Local Food Shift. “By taking the 20 percent pledge, Door to Door Organics is helping build awareness for this important and ultimately economic and environmental issue.”

The new prepared meals, along with all local produce and product offerings, can be found and ordered using Door to Door Organics’ new online Shop experience. Shop provides a contextual shopping platform where customers can leisurely browse complimentary and associated products and recipes, or quickly restock based on frequent purchases and “Shop By Recipe” one-click functionalities.

Door to Door Organics’s goal is to empower people to eat good food that supports their health, their community and the environment. The company delivers fresh, high-quality organic, natural and local food directly to homes, offices and schools throughout the West, Midwest and East Coast.