N.Y.’s Westchester County Moves to Fine Grocery Stores for Expired Products

Westchester County's Department of Consumer Protection wants to fine 33 as-yet-unidentified grocery stores a collective $85,000 for carrying out-of-date items on their shelves, according to a published report.

According to the county, conditions have actually improved since initial inspection results were released in January. Those checks, which were carried out over two months at 60 area supermarkets, found that the average store had 88 expired products, with one location offering as many as 433. The locations have the right to request hearings on their proposed fines.

Among the expired items found in the stores at that time were cheese, meats, yogurt and cottage cheese.

Director of consumer protection Gary Brown told the Lower Hudson Journal News after those inspections that although the law permits his department to fine a store $1,000 per violation, the department declined to levy fines. But the department went on to say that inspectors would keep visiting stores, and that it would consider fines in the future.
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