Nuns on the Run -- for Charity

LOS ANGELES - As part of Dash for Cash, a high-speed shopping spree at a local Albertsons here, Sister Sylvia Parks, Sister Adela Armentraut, and Sister Marianne Olives of the Daughters of Charity ran through the aisles Friday, loading their carts so that the charity they represented, St. Vincent Meals on Wheels, could receive a check for $40,000 from the retailer.

"Even though [the] Dash for Cash was a lot of fun, Albertsons and Sav-on Drugs take caring for our community and helping make life easier for our customers seriously," said Dave Simonson, president of Southern California Division Albertsons, in a statement. "California shoppers have been good to us, and that's why we're proud to have given back more than $15.5 million to Southern California communities last year alone."

The three nuns had seven minutes to load as many groceries as possible into their carts while community members and supporters of the charity cheered them on and an announcer provided play-by-play and color commentary over the store intercom. At the seven-minute mark, Albertsons associates rang up all the items gathered to determine their grocery bill total. Afterwards, Albertsons district manager Alex Martinez gave Sister Alice Marie Quinn, D.C., founder of St. Vincent Meals on Wheels, a check for the full amount.

"We knew these nuns would be fast -- they turn out 2,240 meals a day for St. Vincent Meals on Wheels," noted Simonson. "You don't get to be the largest Meals on Wheels program in the country without having smart shoppers on your team."
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