NRF Launches Mobile Initiative

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NRF Launches Mobile Initiative


The National Retail Federation, in partnership with its member companies has launched the Integrated Mobile Initiative (IMI), a first-of-its-kind program that will serve as the single source for information about the challenges and opportunities that exist within mobile retailing.

The initiative is being led by NRF’s SVP of communities and executive director of Vicki Cantrell, with cooperative support and involvement from an external task force of retail companies and solution providers. Additionally, the IMI aims to further strengthen NRF’s message that policies which hinder innovation will inhibit retail companies from catering to consumers all over the world.

“Retailers are inherently driven to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to their customers’ demands, and today nothing is more important than mobile technologies that provide seamless cross-platform shopping experiences,” said Cantrell. “As mobile rapidly changes both consumers’ expectations and the overall shopping experience, the IMI will serve as the go-to source for information for retailers, their business partners, the media, and interested parties across the world on the practical aspects of implementation and resources for mobile retailing.”

Drawing from NRF’s cross-sector membership base of more than 9,000 companies and industry experts, the IMI will explore the scope of issues that mobile impacts and offer best practices, case studies, educational content, and thought leadership.

"Mobile constitutes a growing part of our business, significantly impacting how customers interact with us, and vice versa,” said Peter Cobb, co-founder and SVP, eBags. “As a long-time member of, eBags is excited to be part of the dialogue and the exchange of ideas that the IMI fosters between retailers and vendors across all NRF communities.”

“Mobile is new and constantly evolving and it can be used in so many ways throughout a retail organization,” said Lori Schafer, executive advisor, SAS Institute. “The industry needs a single source to go to for all things mobile and IMI is that source.”

A centerpiece of the IMI is, a website that offers users the opportunity to view original NRF research, infographics, and policy information.

Key elements of the IMI’s work include:

  • Thought leadership: IMI will bring together retailers and other experts in the field to discuss and advance the future of mobile retailing and serve as the central hub of information on the topic.
  • Educational content and events: Through its website, policy initiatives, and nationwide events, the IMI will educate retailers and their communities on mobile trends and challenges.
  • Original research: The IMI will produce and release research related to mobile retail trends including consumer habits, mobile marketing, and industry best practices.

“NRF’s subject matter experts provide unmatched insight into mobile’s impact on every aspect of the retail organization including recruiting the right talent, how to organize your business, and how to integrate existing and new technology,” continued Cantrell. “Using our arsenal of internal and partner expertise, and industry and original research as the foundation, the IMI will bring real-life experiences to the table for in-depth conversation about the force that is mobile retailing.”

NRF represents retailers of all types and sizes, including chain restaurants and industry partners, from the United States and more than 45 countries abroad.