Norwegian Coop Store Deploys Electronic Shelf Labels

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Norwegian Coop Store Deploys Electronic Shelf Labels

Coop Marked Jondal, part of Coop Norge (the Norwegian Coop) — Norway’s third largest retailer —has deployed electronic shelf labels at its Jondal store to automate price updates and engage in competitive pricing strategies.

The store installed 3,600 epop 50 displays from Windsor, U.K.-based ZBD, a supplier of electronic shelf edge labels and associated software solutions for retail.

“We were looking for a system that would allow us to automate the process of updating prices and product information,” said Reidar Hammer, store manager for the Coop Marked store. “Previously, we were using paper signage, but this proved to be labor-intensive and was often prone to error, where prices on the labels weren’t always accurate. We are now confident that our prices are always correct and correspond exactly with our POS system.

“Before installing the system, staff had to update prices manually, print new shelf labels and ensure that they were placed correctly in the store,” continued Hammer.” However, this is no longer necessary, freeing resources that can be deployed elsewhere in the store.”

The system is showing positive results just weeks after going live, according to Hammer. “The ZBD solution has already proved to be a success and has eliminated pricing errors and reduced queue times,” he noted. “We now have 100 percent accuracy and price integrity between the epops and our POS system. The displays are also capable of displaying bar codes, which means that we can use our hand-held terminals for inventory and purchases from the store shelves.”

Oslo-based Coop Norge is a co-operative business model with more than 1,000 stores.