NJFC Awards Scholarships

The New Jersey Food Council (NJFC) has bestowed 2017 scholarships from its Educational Development Scholarship Foundation. The presentation of the scholarships took place at Forsgate Country Club in Monroe, N.J., where the recipients and their families were joined by members of the council’s board of directors as well as sponsors of the individual scholarships.

“When we created this small scholarship program in 2011 to help grow the future of our industry and to benefit our members and their families, we had no idea that it would grow so quickly,” said NJFC President and CEO Linda Doherty. “The incredible support of our members and the opportunity to make such as significant impact on the lives of our associates and their families makes this one of the most rewarding programs we offer.”

This year, the trade association received 124 applications for consideration, according to Doherty.

The recipients of the NJFC scholarships included Erich Ballard, of Wegmans Food Markets, who received the NJFC Founders Scholarship Award of $5,000, and Ruth Fiore, of Stop & Shop Supermarkets, who received the NJFC Thomas Infusino Scholarship Award of $5,000.

Some of the member scholarships presented were:

  • Acme Food Markets Scholarship of $2,500: Victoria Blankenbiller, Acme Markets
  • CBA Industries Scholarship of $2,500: Kacie Meyer, Perlmutter ShopRite
  • Cuellar Family ShopRites Scholarship of $2,500: Manthan Gandhi, Cuellar Family ShopRites
  • Lawrence R. Inserra Memorial Scholarship of $5,000: Ariana DiPietrantonio, Inserra Supermarkets
  • Grace Scaduto Memorial Scholarship of $2,000: Ruth Fiore, Stop & Shop Supermarkets
  • Spires Family Scholarship of $2,500: Michael Napolitano, Kings Food Markets
  • Spires Family Scholarship of $2,500: Molly Tompson, Kings Food Markets
  • Perry Sumas Memorial Scholarship of $5,000: Kacie Meyer, Perlmutter ShopRite
  • Whole Foods Market Scholarship of $2,000: Addrisa Ankrah, Whole Foods Market
  • Whole Foods Market Scholarship of $2,000: Allyssa Farino, Whole Foods Market
  • Whole Foods Market Scholarship of $2,000: Melissa Gonzalez, Whole Foods Market
  • Whole Foods Market Scholarship of $2,000: Ruth Gadsden, Whole Foods Market
  • Whole Foods Market Scholarship of $2,000: Lorraine Martinez, Whole Foods Market

Since the scholarship program began, the three NJFC scholarships have grown from $2,000 to $5,000 each, and the foundation now manages an additional 17 member supported scholarships. A total 20 scholarships will be awarded this year, totaling $67,000.

Trenton-based NJFC represents almost 400 members serving the retail, wholesale and manufacturing segments of the New Jersey food distribution industry.

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