Niman Ranch Moves to Graded Beef Program

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Responding to retail customer demand, Niman Ranch said it has switched to a graded beef program. As of Feb. 15, all Niman Ranch beef has been graded either Choice or Prime.

The company said it had been selling its beef as ungraded because its entire protocol has been geared toward producing the best-tasting meat, regardless of grade. "The opportunity to market our beef as graded was driven by our customers requesting graded programs," said John Tarpoff, v.p./beef. "Our cattle grade such remarkably high Prime yield that we wanted to pass that advantage on to our customers, and ultimately to the end consumer."

"The change in the beef program opens up the door for our customers to offer Prime programs, which upscale consumers and special occasion buyers seek at the meat counter and at restaurants," said Jeff Tripician, e.v.p./sales, marketing and customer service.
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