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Nielsen Launches E-Commerce Measurement Solution

Nielsen has unveiled a much-anticipated e-commerce measurement solution in the U.S. that provides an integrated and holistic metric system that incorporates multiple data sources. With similar capabilities in eight markets globally, Nielsen’s expansion of e-commerce coverage to the U.S. brings a comprehensive, multi-data solution to the retail marketplace.

This solution combines Nielsen retail data cooperators, multiple consumer-sourced data sets and demand-related analytics to provide the industry a measure of e-commerce channel performance for both trading partners. These data sources, married with Nielsen’s best-in-class data science, are designed to enable an integrated, calibrated and projectable measurement solution. The retail data cooperators span the spectrum of channels from pure play, club, and mass to specialty, drug and food.

Also, the solution will provide an integrated view of consumer insights, in addition to the market measurement, through consumer-level purchase data. Through the analysis of consumer purchase receipts received by email and direct consumer reporting, insights into specific product sales and trends at major online retailers will be revealed. Through integration to Nielsen’s Enterprise Marketing Platform, Nielsen will enable manufacturers to reach this important and growing audience to maximize their marketing investment.

“While we have been helping clients understand the e-commerce landscape by developing strategies and marketing solutions, having the ability to share with clients how they are doing against their competitors and in various channels is something that has been years in the making,” said Karen Fichuk, president, Nielsen North America.

“The complexity of this space makes it important that we develop a holistic solution that addresses all channels, players and new business models – something that is a clear gap in the industry today,” she said. “This also marks an important milestone in our mission to create a ‘Total Consumer’ measurement solution that captures both our clients’ large mature channels integrated with their growth channels.”

Nielsen’s e-commerce measurement solution will be integrated within Nielsen’s current suite of measurement services and will be available to U.S. clients later this year.

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