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N.G.A., FDI Combine in New Transportation Procurement Service Operated by AmeriQuest

Food Distributors International (FDI) and National Grocers Association (N.G.A.) announced today that they are partnering with AmeriQuest, the transportation and logistics company based here, to launch a new buying service that will save member companies that operate truck fleets millions of dollars in lower prices and new efficiencies. The new service,, opened for business today.

FoodFleetXchange allows grocery retailers and wholesalers and their suppliers to buy all major brands of tires, lubricants, batteries, brakes, engines, transmissions, tools, truck bodies, shop tools, lift trucks and more at improved pricing levels. This is accomplished through the added volume represented by the fleets of the two associations in combination with existing AmeriQuest users.

"This is a major development for the food industry and our members," said FDI president John R. Block. "Fleet operations is one of the largest costs for wholesalers and foodservice distributors, and by aggregating the buying power of our two associations - combined with the 81,000 power units served by AmeriQuest - FoodFleetXchange can provide national pricing that will mean significant savings to even our largest members."

"Members and affiliates of N.G.A. participating in the AmeriQuest service will have access to similar pricing and purchasing economies of scale previously available only to the nation's largest retailers and manufacturers," said Thomas K. Zaucha, president and CEO, N.G.A. "The service will help level the playing field for the fleets of N.G.A. members and other participating suppliers."
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