Newport Ave. Market Shoppers Earn Extra 20% Recycling Bottles

Shoppers at community-based independent Newport Avenue Market can now turn their nickel deposit on soda, water and beer containers into 6 cents at Newport Ave. Market, through the new BottleDropPLUS program.

The new redemption center program -- in association with the local BottleDrop Redemption Center -- offers a cleaner, faster experience for visitors and the store alike. Shoppers participate in the BottleDropPLUS program by signing up for a BottleDrop account, which enables members to drop off their containers and let the BottleDrop center do the counting. The refund amount is then added to the shoppers account balance for withdrawal at a later time.

“We offer a more creative and simplified, sanitary approach to recycling containers for our customers,” says Lauren G. R. Johnson, COO at Newport Ave. Market. “We feel the convenience factor is huge for our customers and allows them to redeem their account balance for six cents per container boosting their buying power by 20 percent.”

The BottleDropPLUS program is an exclusive pilot program offered through Newport Avenue by way of a special in-store kiosk. The kiosk allows the shopper to trade their cash value for an in-store Newport Ave. Market credit worth 20 percent more. 

The BottleDrop Centers are operated and funded by Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative (OBRC) in partnership with participating grocery retailers. OBRC is a member-owned, cooperative corporation that acts on behalf of beverage distributors to administrate Oregon’s bottle bill, collecting and processing more than 98 percent of all containers sold and redeemed throughout Oregon. 

Bend, Ore.-based Newport Avenue Market has been voted “Best of Central Oregon” 15 times by The Source Weekly and awarded “Top 50 Retailer” by The Gourmet Retailer, “Leadership in Composting Award” by the Oregon Refuse & Recycling Association, “Deli of Distinction” by Boar’s Head, “Business of the Year” by the Bend Chamber of Commerce, and most recently, the store was awarded “Overall Outstanding Operator, Single-Store” by Progressive Grocer Independent .

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