Newcastle Brown Ale’s Glassware Offer Back for a Second Summer

Since last year’s summer program proved such a success, Newcastle Brown Ale, the No.-1 selling import ale in the United States, is bringing back the “Your Beer. Your Glass.” campaign to give consumers a second chance to drink out of their own Newcastle Geordie Schooner, an authentic British-style brown ale glass enabling them to enjoy their preferred beverage in style.

“The Geordie Schooner was designed to highlight Newcastle Brown Ale’s smooth and refreshing liquid attributes, and provide the drinker with an authentic Newcastle Brown Ale experience,” explained Colin Westcott-Pitt, VP of marketing at Newcastle Brown Ale. “The schooner’s nucleated bottom agitates the liquid’s carbon dioxide keeping a strong head on the beer, while the concave shape of the glass helps retain the head and captures the bouquet of aromas.” Previously, the glass could be found mainly in pubs, alehouses and local watering holes.

“In the summer of 2010, Convention Breakers flocked to stores around the country and took advantage of a simple and effective Your Beer. Your Glass. glassware promotion that reflected their irreverent, no-nonsense attitude,” recounted Westcott-Pitt. “This year’s program will leverage the same offer, with Newcastle-style unconventional enhancements, to really draw attention to the glass at retail.”

Vibrant Newcastle bottle-cap stools and eye-catching pint glass standees aim to draw curious grocery, c-store, drug and liquor store shoppers to Newcastle in-store displays where they can get details of the program’s promotional offer while picking up the product. Arresting POS materials will inspire consumers to buy Newcastle Brown Ale and either mail in six bottle caps or go online to redeem the offer for a free Geordie Schooner. Once logged on, visitors who want to know more can explore Newcastle’s website. IRC and MIR offers on complementary salty snacks and/or ice, where legal, will help raise the stakes and attract higher traffic to the displays.

Further, Your Beer. Your Glass. in-store sampling events will occur in select retail venues around the country, where legal. During these events, Newcastle Brand Ambassadors will discuss the liquid attributes of the “Lighter Side of Dark” Newcastle Brown Ale and the Geordie glassware offer with participants.

“The Your Beer. Your Glass. program is all about discovering the authentic, lightly hopped, less bitter taste of Newcastle Brown Ale,” noted Westcott-Pitt. “Last summer, Your Beer. Your Glass. exceeded all expectations and resulted in over 27,000 Geordie Schooner glasses redeemed. We’ve ramped up production and are ready to introduce a whole new posse of discerning beer drinkers to the one and only Newcastle Brown Ale.”

The program runs from May 1 through September.

Newcastle Brown Ale is imported by White Plains, N.Y.-based Heineken USA, .a subsidiary of Heineken International BV in The Netherlands.

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