New Time Clock Supports Employee-Management Communications

Acumen Data Systems, Inc., a West Springfield, Mass.-based developer of business automation, workforce management, and time and attendance software and systems, has launched its new GT550 touchscreen fingerprint biometric time clock.

Designed for employee time and attendance, as well as access control, Acumen’s GT550 is easily integrated into existing Ethernet networks. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) is also supported for integration convenience.

As a flexible networked time clock, Acumen’s GT550 supports many forms of employee clocking, including fingerprint biometrics, proximity, barcode, magnetic stripe, and PIN. It also supports audio and video, which can serve as a backup or alternative clocking method – or as a communication tool for employees to email messages to managers.

Additionally, employee self-service functionality is supported with the GT550. Using the GT550 time clock, employees can request time off, view time off approvals, and transfer departments.

Among each units features are:

  • 10-inch color touchscreen display
  • Fingerprint, barcode, magnetic stripe, proximity, and PIN clocking
  • Audio and video support (2 megapixel camera) for clocking or communications
  • Punch in and out for day, job, and task
  • View total hours worked
  • View last punch
  • View current department, job, task, and status
  • Ethernet communications
  • HTTPS secure communications support
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support
  • 6 USB 2.0 ports for expansion
  • SD socket

For more information more about the GT550 time clock, call (888) 222-3396 or visit

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