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A New Supermarket Twist on Snapchat

TBWA, the global ad agency that gave us those fabulous ads for Apple, Evian and Absolut vodka, has done it again – this time for the French co-op U, which has more than 800 independent supermarkets and hypermarches in France.

The new campaign is called Fresh Stories. According to SnapChat Daily, Fresh Stories documents the steps of a fish’s journey, captured on video with SnapChat Spectacles, from the fisherman to the sales manager, and then to a fishmonger. The content chronicled the fish’s final hours before arriving at the fish counter. It also proved it was fresh, as Snapchat Stories only last for 24 hours – so, if there were a story behind the origin label, that meant that the fish had arrived that day. 

In the store, shoppers can scan a Snapcode placed on the shelf tag of the fish that takes them to the fresh story and the journey.This could be one of the best uses I’ve seen for Snapchat, and it really plays to the features of the app. 

The column underscores that Fresh Stories is definitely an example of creative thinking that brands can adopt. Snapchat Stories don't have to be complicated or time-consuming to produce. If you're being “in the moment” and simply capturing it with Snapchat Spectacles by pressing a button on your "sunnies" (sunglasses), you already have content to share.   Through the stories, U supermarkets are also demonstrating their supply chain and how they work with local small businesses like the fisherman Lionnel, showing that the brand has nothing to hide and what it’s proud of. 

What Snapchat Fresh Story can your supermarket tell?

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