New Slim Jim Line 'Dares' Consumers to Turn Up the Heat

ConAgra Foods brand Slim Jim is turning up the heat with a new, spicier line of meat sticks called Slim Jim Dare.

The new line features three flavors: Kinda Hot Chili Pepper, Freakin' Hot Jalapeno and Really Freakin' Hot Habanero.

"Dare presents a challenge to consumers with contemporary and complex flavors," said Daniel Marple, brand director, ConAgra Foods. "It really is a whole new platform for us -- spicier flavors, spicier names and even spicier packaging."

Slim Jim will continue to bring hot and spicy flavors with plans to extend the Dare line in the future.

The Dare attitude is captured inside the packaging, with sayings like "Man up and take the next bite!," and "You started this dare. Now finish it!"

To build excitement for the introduction of Dare, the brand engaged its active Facebook fan base and Twitter followers to give away "top secret" brief cases filled with the new flavors, along with a Sony PSP gaming system. The brand will continue to leverage its fans to build excitement around the new spicy challenge into the summer.

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