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New Module Monitors Shoppers' Activity in Stores

A wireless monitoring module that keeps tabs on what shoppers are doing in the store has been launched to help retailers reduce theft and increase sales.

Smart Sense Dwell from Indyme, a leading provider of real-time shopper engagement and loss prevention technologies, detects the presence of interested shoppers at certain merchandise locations, then notifies the staff. Once alerted, store associates can efficiently engage shoppers at critical sales locations. At the same time, the presence of staff near high-value merchandise has been shown to significantly reduce shrink.

Once mounted at a key merchandise location, the small wireless module detects the presence of one or more persons. Typically, people simply passing through the area are ignored, but shoppers browsing the merchandise trigger a discreet notification to store staff via two-way radios, wireless smart devices, or other communication methods.

In addition to staff notifications, the sensor outputs a discreet local “chime,” which has also proven to significantly deter theft. Potential thieves fear anything that draws attention to them.

“Our goal is to provide new and effective methods for retailers to more efficiently and consistently engage shoppers and to make real progress in the war against shrink,” said Joe Budano, CEO of Indyme. “Test stores reported not only a surprisingly strong uptick in high-value merchandise sales, but also higher customer satisfaction ratings and significant shrink reduction.”

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