New Law to Let Oregon Grocers Make Same-Day Deliveries of Beer and Wine

Oregon grocers can thank Safeway for helping push legislation that will allow them to make same-day deliveries of unlimited amounts of beer and wine to their shoppers’ homes.

Starting June 29, grocers in the state of will be allowed to make same-day delivery of beer and wine to private homes, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission decided Thursday.

Pleasanton, Calif,.-based Safeway was one of the strongest proponents of the new policy, which states that grocery stores can deliver an unlimited amount of beer and wine to a home on the same day as long as the order is placed by 9 a.m. and delivered by 9 p.m.

Previously, the only businesses that could make same-day home deliveries were those serving meals, such as pizza outlets. Grocers were only allowed to deliver beer and wine ordered the previous day.

Liquor is still only available in state liquor stores.

Since January, temporary OLCC rules allowed grocers to deliver up to five gallons of beer or two cases of wine to consumers, as long as the order was placed by 4 p.m. and delivered by 9 p.m. the same day.

Oregon law does not allow home deliveries of hard liquor, which must to be purchased in one of the more than 240 state-operated liquor stores.

While opponents of the policy – particularly non-profits that promote drug and alcohol awareness – say this will increase underage drinking, OLCC chairman Phil Lang said he doesn’t think that will happen.
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