New Tool Enables Brands to Run and Track Facebook Coupons

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New Tool Enables Brands to Run and Track Facebook Coupons

11/17/2011 today launched Brandcaster Social, a new way for brands to quickly offer secure, printable coupons directly on their Facebook Fan pages that can be tracked with rich analytics.

According to, several brands have already used the application with great success, including Energizer, which ran a campaign that resulted in 60,000 Likes in two days. “The Brandcaster Social product changes what used to be a programming-intensive and time-consuming process to one that is fast, easy and efficient,” said Serge Traylor, brand manager – communications at Energizer. “With Brandcaster Social, we were able to offer a coupon on the Energizer Bunny Fan page within 48 hours and with zero programming time. The coupon was incredibly popular, resulting in more than 60,000 fans—a 40 percent increase in our fan base—and 75,000 coupon prints in just two days.”

Brandcaster Social enables brands to:

  • Integrate secure coupons into Facebook without coding
  • Add text and graphics without design expertise
  • Provide a seamless user experience that allows consumers to print coupons directly within Facebook
  • Leverage the viral nature of a Facebook Like by allowing consumers to post to their news feed, alerting their friends of the availability of the coupon
  • Intelligently message to consumers about the status of a coupon. When a coupon has reached its allotted print limit, the offer is automatically removed and consumers are alerted that the coupon has reached its print limit and they should check back later

“Coupons and special offers are the number one reason consumers will ‘Like’ a brand on Facebook, and we have already powered millions of coupons in the social network with hundreds of campaigns for some of the world’s top brands,” said Steven Boal, CEO of “Brandcaster Social is the culmination of that knowledge and experience in an easy-to-use application. Combining simplicity with full creative control that brands and agencies often require, Brandcaster Social is a complete Facebook coupon solution.”

“The reporting capabilities of Brandcaster Social offer great insights into the coupon campaigns,” added Energizer’s Taylor. “In addition to showing how many Likes were garnered and how many coupons were printed, we can see how many consumers found out about the coupon from a friend’s newsfeed. With our most recent campaign, more than 25,000 friends of our fans printed the coupon. The results demonstrate the viral nature of Facebook and helped us measure ROI on our campaign and overall investment in Facebook.”

In addition, Brandcaster Social offers sophisticated reporting with transparency into coupon usage, including insight into:

  • Number of new fans generated from the coupon
  • Number of times the coupon was Liked
  • How the consumer arrived on the coupon page, such as from a direct link or via a friend’s news feed