New Consumer Goods Intelligence Suite Debuts

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies have a new tool to make smarter, more customer-centric business decisions: a Consumer Goods Intelligence Suite.

The turnkey software solution from Vision Critical is designed to give CPG executives accurate, impactful and timely insight into their customer base. The solution provides CPG companies with access to an ongoing, two-way dialogue with customers through a secure, opt-in online community programmed with pre-built tools and templates. It enables CPGs to engage community members for insight to solve key industry challenges.

“Driven by the rise of the empowered customer, nimble CPG upstarts present a serious and growing challenge to the way incumbent CPG companies do business,” said Andrew Reid, president and founder of Vision Critical. “Today’s customers have more channels to buy from and are heavily influenced by peer recommendations, making it difficult for CPG companies to keep their loyalty.”

CPG companies such as Maple Leaf Foods, Hartz and Fonterra use technology from Vision Critical to engage their customers for ongoing feedback and insight.


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