Nestlé Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough Returns

Nearly two months after a well-publicized voluntary recall following reports of E. coli-caused illnesses linked to the consumption of raw cookie dough, Nestlé Toll House refrigerated cookie dough arrives back in stores this week.

To enable both retailers and shoppers to find the new batch of cookie dough, a blue “New Batch” label will appear on all new production cookie dough items. Product shipping cases also are marked in blue (instead of the previous black) to denote new production and will feature the statement: “Do not consume raw cookie dough.” The adoption of the labeling came after discussions between Nestlé USA and Food & Drug Administration (FDA) officials.

“While the FDA inspection at our Danville, Va., facility has concluded, Nestlé’s commitment to food safety continues, as does our intensive testing,” said Paul Bakus, general manager at Solon, Ohio-based Nestlé USA Baking Group. “We test ingredients as they arrive and our cookie dough as it’s made.”
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