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NCR, reach influence Partner For Upgraded Loyalty Program


reach influence, a loyalty and digital coupon provider for small- to mid-market retailers, and NCR Corp., a consumer transaction technology company, are partnering to provide smaller retailers with a turnkey solution that allows them to provide offers and communicate with consumers in ways that have been previously available only to larger retailers.

“We’re very proud at reach to be called partners with NCR,” said Eric Green, CEO of Detroit-based reach influence. “We feel that the collective strength of what NCR and reach brings to bear can really be a game changer for the independent community.”

The new solution provides retailers with reach’s analytical capacity to offer real-time promotions to consumers using NCR’s technology. Now, not only can independent retailers offer digital promotions on their websites or through emails, but they also can honor punch card-type purchases in real time. For example, if you offer a club promotion where if a customer buys five of an item, they get one free, then when a customer comes through with both the fifth and sixth items, the system allows the sixth item to ring up free in real time rather than the customer having to wait until her next visit to get the free item. Or the customer can opt in to any digital promotions while shopping in the store.

The system allows retailers to offer a combination of digital as well as in-store promotions.

“The value to retailers is about the ability to increase sales,” said Nadine Routhier, chief of staff, VP strategy, marketing and channel for NCR Corp., based in Duluth, Ga.

Green likened the new, upgraded solution to upgrading the engine of reach’s loyalty program, such as taking an Audi and putting in a Maserati motor. “We’re going to operate and pilot the car so [retailers] don’t have to spend time trying to understand the implementation process, we’re going to do that,” Green said. “All we ask the retailer to do is continue to be the world class merchant they are and we’ll handle the loyalty and shopper facing aspect of his business with a tool set that Target uses, for example.”

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