NBWA Applauds Court's Decision Upholding Tennessee's Right to Regulate Alcohol

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- The National Beer Wholesalers Association here yesterday expressed its support for a March 30 judgment upholding Tennessee's alcohol regulations.

The court dismissed challenges to Tennessee's liquor laws and held that the state's law, which permits wineries within the state to sell wine on their premises, is constitutional and does not allow for door-step delivery from out-of-state wineries. The court held that the law did not impermissibly burden interstate commerce and was justified by substantial state interests. It also commented on the three-tier alcohol distribution system approvingly and noted that "states have broad power to regulate liquor under Section Two of the Twenty-first Amendment."

"NBWA is greatly encouraged by this ruling, which confirms the states' rights under the 21st Amendment to regulate the distribution and sale of alcohol beverages," said NBWA president Craig Purser in a statement. "America has a very effective system in place. People in Tennessee do not feel the same way about alcohol as people in New York, and the regulatory system allows states the flexibility to deal with local circumstances."

This case follows other recent wins for state-based alcohol control structures in Maine, Virginia, and Delaware, as well as a partial victory in Kentucky.
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