MyWebGrocer's Network One of the Top 2,000 Most Visited Sites

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MyWebGrocer's Network One of the Top 2,000 Most Visited Sites

MyWebGrocer's network now ranks in the top 2,000 most visited sites based on monthly visitors, according to Quantcast. The network has 956,865 visitors worldwide per month. MyWebGrocer achieved this milestone in less than three months, according to the company.

"Grocery shoppers are rapidly adopting web tools to plan their meals, look for specials, build their shopping lists, and increasingly complete their shopping online," noted WyWebGrocer c.o.o. Tim Kenney. "We expect to be in the top 1,000 very soon as we expand the network of participating sites, and shoppers continue to drive up traffic. The increased Web site traffic is fueling the expansion of our advertising business. Our ad network offers a unique way to get timely information in front of users focused on grocery shopping. Each month an increasing number of large consumer packaged goods firms are using our network to reach consumers."

The advertising network is divided into two categories based on where the ads are displayed: the e-commerce side of retail sites, and the grocery chain's home page. The e-commerce side of the site is specifically reserved for product brands sold at that location, while the home page is open to advertising for products not necessarily sold by that chain. Ads on the e-commerce side show a list of items sold by that retail vendor. Ads on the home page can direct the customer to the manufacturer's Web site or landing page.

MyWebGrocer develops highly targeted ad campaigns for CPG firms and other businesses related to retail grocery. Among the current advertisers on the network are Kellogg's, Upromise, and Kashi.

Colchester, Vt.-based MyWebGrocer has the largest grocery-advertising network in the United States, covering 85 percent of the nation and earning its clients direct ad revenue. The company's clients include ShopRite, Lowes Food Stores, Big Y, and Food Lion.