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MyWebGrocer Unveils 'Aisle Beacon' Platform

MyWebGrocer (MWG) has unveiled a new in-store technology that aims to leverage proximity marketing to deliver content to grocery shoppers in-store.

The "Aisle Beacon" messaging system is built within a grocery retailer's branded app, and enables the retailer to communicate offers from its circular, private label brands and CPG manufacturers.

According to MWG, the system delivers hyper-personal, customizable messages based on preferences and past buying behavior, improving the overall in-store experience and boosting sales.  

“We have continually seen a spike in mobile in-store usage and already have a large base of engaged consumers with strong retailer and brand affinity," said Rebecca Roose, the company's senior product marketing manager, adding that the Aisle Beacon experience is "frictionless, it continues the conversation with the consumers and helps retailers and CPGs influence purchase decisions at the store shelf.” 

The platform, which integrates with other digital and mobile products within the MWG suite, is available on both Apple and Android mobile devices. 

MWG’s new service will be featured at FMI Connect in Chicago, Ill., June 10-13, at booth #1323.

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