MyWebGrocer Launches Enterprise Solution

MyWebGrocer, a provider of digital solutions to the grocery and CPG industry, has offered general availability of the Shop2Gro, Plan2Gro and Order Ready platforms to its large-scale enterprise customers.
The solution allows new large-scale and existing SaaS customers to transition onto their own platform and completely control their development, hosting and disaster recovery options, according to the company.
“Customers on Enterprise will be able to take advantage of the extensive development we do on the SaaS platform, as well as having direct access to a very rich set of APIs and our team of engineers,” said Rich Tarrant, CEO of MyWebGrocer. “We have been piloting this new service since 2012 with great success.”
The MWG Enterprise solution is a single footprint of hardware and software per customer that can be cloud-based or provided via a hosted solution, and utilizes the Akamai content delivery network. Grocery chains still have access to MyWebGrocer’s product data and management services, but now can jointly develop with the company’s teams to create their own unique solutions based on the Enterprise platform.
“MyWebGrocer has an Enterprise project team that will help new and existing customers get the most from this platform,” noted Tim Kenney, the company's COO. “Retailers can leverage the core technologies we’ve developed over the past 13+ years and determine how they want their own applications to integrate with the Enterprise solution.”
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