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MyWebGrocer Hires First COO

MyWebGrocer said it hired Tim Kenney as its first chief operating officer to help manage the companys fast growth. The Web services company doubled in size from 2007 to 2008.

Kenney's role is to keep daily operations scaling while maintaining efficiency, and closely monitoring the professional services, products, and market commitments.

"Tim had a very early vision of the power of the Internet, as evidenced by the company he started in 1994 which specialized in building advanced internet applications, said Rich Tarrant, MyWebGrocer c.e.o. In fact, MWG contracted with his firm to build the first generation of our e-commerce tool in 1999. Since then, Tim has managed over 450 people in 10 offices worldwide and brings a wealth of knowledge in product management, process and systems - skills we will put to good use in this time of dynamic growth for MWG."

MyWebGrocer provides online services for more than 80 grocers.
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