Mountain Dew 'Discovers Gold' with Malt-flavored Soda

Beginning in mid-August, Mountain Dew will offer the “first batch” of its new malt-flavored soda, Johnson City Gold, for a limited time in select Kroger stores across the Midwest, and on Sept. 1 in 7-Eleven stores in Denver, Colo. and Charlotte, N.C. In an effort to boost consumer engagement, Mountain Dew will offer its fans a chance to re-name and re-design the package for the beverage’s “second batch” to best represent one of six U.S. regions – South, Southwest, Northwest, Northeast, Great Plains and Great Lakes – and an opportunity to see their creation on store shelves in 2013 when the product launches nationally.

  • Aug. 9 through Aug. 16 - Fans are encouraged to suggest a name for a malt-flavored beverage that would best represent their region of the country. Fans can submit one product name, per region, per day.  The best submissions will be voted on by fans and each finalist will win custom gear featuring their suggested product name.
  • Sept. 19 through Oct. 10 – Established and aspiring artists can upload label designs that represent the product names voted as fan favorites. Winners will each be awarded a digital camera with a chance to see their design commercialized in 2013.

“We understand the importance of developing a Dew that feels tailor-made for our fans’ taste and lifestyle preferences, and we’ve seen how eager they are to play an active role in the innovation process,” said George Cox, brand marketing manager for Mountain Dew, a product of Purchase, N.Y.-based PepsiCo. “Dew has a legacy of collaborating with its most loyal fans and we can’t think of a better way to introduce this unique new product than to enlist their help in its creation.”

Official rules for the design contest and details about Johnson City Gold are available on Mountain Dew’s website and Facebook page.

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