Miracle Whip Admits: ‘We’re Not For Everyone’

Unique sandwich spread Miracle Whip has launched “We’re Not For Everyone,” a campaign in which the brand actually invite people to tell it how much they hate -- or -- love it. The campaign, which debuted this week during “American Idol” on FOX, features the actual opinions of regular consumers, as well as DJ Pauly D of MTV reality show “Jersey Shore,” political pundit James Carville and comedian Amy Sedaris.

Consumers can find the celebs’ additional unscripted commentary, where they can also join the fray by participating in the “Love Us vs. Hate Us” poll. They may even be tempted try Miracle Whip for themselves. Other site features include a comments section where visitors can have their say for or against the tangy condiment, a free sample offer for consumers, and exclusive video content from people who are passionate about their respective. For more Miracle Whip information and coupons, consumers can visit

“Those who have tried Miracle Whip either love it or hate it,” noted Justin Parnell, senior brand manager at Miracle Whip, a brand of Northfield, Ill.-based Kraft Foods. “We know it can be that polarizing of a condiment. So, rather than deny that truth, we are embracing the fact that ‘We’re Not For Everyone.’ We dare consumers to tell us what they really think, and we challenge those who haven’t tasted Miracle Whip to try it and pick a side.”