Mini Babybel Cheese Gears Up for ‘Take Your Cheese to Work Day’

As part of a national initiative encouraging people to enjoy a healthy snacking alternative in place of the typical workplace vending machine fare, Mini Babybel cheese is declaring Aug. 20 “Take Your Cheese to Work Day.”

“I understand how difficult it is to manage hunger when you’re not home, which is why I’m pleased that Take Your Cheese to Work Day is underscoring the importance of better workplace snacking habits,” said Cynthia Sass, New York-based nutritionist and co-author of the “Flat Belly Diet.” Sass recommends folks take a few wheels of Mini Babybel’s Original or Light cheese varieties to work to snack on throughout the day. “Because they’re an all-natural protein-rich snack, they help you feel full between meals and avoid the lure of the vending machine.”

Wrapped in a distinctive and protective wax jacket, Mini Babybel Light is an excellent source of calcium and has only 50 calories, while Original, Bonbel, Gouda and Mild Cheddar are all good sources of calcium and have 80 calories or fewer. Mini Babybel is manufactured in the United States by Elk Grove Village, Ill.-based Bel Brands USA. For more information, visit
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