Miller Expands Import Portfolio with 3 South American Brands

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. -- Miller Brewing Company here said yesterday it will expand its international brand portfolio by importing three of its recently acquired South American brands.

Miller will begin importing the No. 1 Colombian beer, Aguila; and leading Peruvian brands Cristal and Cusquena, in January 2007. Miller said it will also expand distribution of Tyskie, the leading Polish brand that is currently sold in Chicago and New York City.
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The brewer said that its top two import priorities will remain expanding Peroni and Pilsner Urquell distribution, but it will also seek to capitalize on its global portfolio when it can. "As the import category continues to gain momentum, we are fortunate to tap into a global portfolio of brands that have great potential in today's America," said Tom Cardella, executive vice president of sales and distribution, Miller Brewing Company. "We believe such brands could represent the next wave of import growth."

Miller said the import opportunity is based on the increasing diversity of the U.S. population, as well as growing retailer interest in world beers and import brands.
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