Michigan Kroger Stores Offering Flu, Pneumonia Shots

Michigan-area Kroger stores will begin offering flu shots and pneumonia vaccinations at its pharmacies next week.

"October and November are the best months to get vaccinated because individuals can protect themselves before the illness is highly active, although waiting until December or even later can still be beneficial," said Brian Spengler, pharmacy merchandiser for Kroger's Michigan Division. "Those who receive the vaccine at a Kroger pharmacy enjoy added convenience because there is no need to schedule an appointment. Simply stop by during your next grocery shopping trip."

Beginning September 28, customers between the ages of 14-18 can obtain a flu shot with parental or guardian consent, while adults 18 and older can also obtain a pneumonia vaccination during normal Kroger pharmacy hours. The chain may also offer flu shot clinics at Kroger stores that do not have an in-store pharmacy.

Spengler said Kroger pharmacists will screen each person to ensure there are no reasons as to why the individual should not have a flu shot. Further, only Kroger pharmacists that have completed immunization training and are current on their CPR certification will administer the vaccinations.

In addition to accepting prescription insurance plans, customers can pay $24.99 cash for the flu shots, which will be available at all Kroger pharmacies through the holidays or until the supply is depleted.

Last year, Kroger vaccinated more than 1 million individuals at Kroger locations nationwide.
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