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Metcalfe’s Seeks to Reduce Food Waste

Metcalfe’s Market has partnered with Pinpoint Software to introduce the Stop Waste Together program, an effort to reduce the estimated $165 billion worth of food wasted annually. The initiative encourages customers to save between 20 percent and 30 percent by purchasing specially marked, soon-to-expire items throughout the store. Metcalfe’s, with two Madison, Wis., locations and one Milwaukee-area store, is the first grocer to introduce the program.

Stop Waste Together uses Madison-based Pinpoint’s Date Check Pro system to track product expirations dates, and when the date is near, the store will post signs identifying which products are eligible for the savings. A coupon is placed on the item so the cashier knows that the product is discounted.

“Our goal is to work towards zero waste while providing the highest product integrity and shopping experience to our customers,” said Kevin Metcalfe, co-owner of Metcalfe’s. “This program will play an important role in our ongoing sustainability efforts.”


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