Merchandising Field Force Tracking for the iPad

Computer Resource Center, Inc., which makes Web-based software for administrative, Web collection, and store auditing tools, has now made trhese tools available for the iPad, enabling a retailer to bring these marketing service tools to the floor.

The VelociTRACKER Retailer Toolset provides in-store personnel with the ability to capture critical information of what shoppers are NOT finding in the store both from and communicating these consumer demands back to headquarters.

Beyond maximizing sell-thru of retail space, the tool also helps to control service costs. Managers can view schedules of “Who’s in my store” and “Who’s coming to my store” as well as scheduled visits and tasks. This information helps store managers plan work for employees around the work of contracted service, and then allows them to monitor service at store level as its happening.

The tool also helps track:

  • Visit frequency and duration compliance
  • Promotion and program execution
  • Out-of-stock issues
  • Receiving area information
  • Backroom controls and back door access information
  • Collection of consumer opinion data
  • Optimization of DSD

Cummings, Ga.-based Computer Resource Center develops on-demand supply chain execution software for the retail and consumer packaged goods industry.

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