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Merchandise China 2005 to Facilitate Retail Trade

SHANGHAI, China -- Companies looking to do business in China might want to mark Oct. 17 to Oct. 20 on their calendars, as those are the dates that VNU, Progressive Grocer's parent company, will present Merchandise China 2005, an event that facilitates buying general merchandise, gifts, decorative accessories, fashion accessories, and toys from the mammoth country.

To counter the "intimidation" factor Americans may have of doing business in China, VNU is creating a platform for international businesses by introducing suppliers or sourcing partners. In addition to educational seminars, private face-to-face meetings with a business' current or potential partners will be available. To make the experience complete, VNU will organize visits to local factories so that attendees can receive a better understanding of China's manufacturing capabilities.

"After a visit to Merchandise China, attendees will leave with the kind of knowledge and confidence needed to source successfully in China," said Isabel Hu, senior project manager for Merchandise China 2005. "Soon after they begin to source in China, international companies will see a reduction in their production costs and an increase in their profits."

VNU Exhibitions Asia's international marketing manager, Tim Williamson, added: "You will only find the products listed on our Web site prior to the show. Coming to China is a big commitment, so we want you to be able to focus your efforts on finding the right partners to make your business excel, not wading through hordes of vendors hawking products that have nothing to do with your business needs."

To educate conference attendees on the finer points of doing business in China, a one-day symposium will be organized to present current trends and concerns in production relationships, helping international companies to understand and deal with potential sourcing partners more comfortably. Topics include: establishing partnerships for sourcing, means of accountability, and quality control; logistics, regulations, and laws; and expanding your manufacturing partnerships into the interior (and more cost-effective) areas of China. Industry experts will be gathered to discuss these topics and answer any questions that audience members may have.

In addition to the symposium, optional factory tours will be organized on Oct. 20. "This will provide a convenient opportunity to see and experience first-hand the production methods of potential partners, allowing you to gain a better understanding of the quality of Chinese sourcing facilities and their ultimate possibilities," said Williamson. The optional tours will take place the day after the Sourcing Fair, and will be facilitated by a professional tour organizer who will provide transportation, translators, and meals.

For more information about Merchandise China 2005, contact Tim Williamson, VNU Exhibitions Asia, at [email protected].
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