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Meijer Specialty Pharmacy Services Receive ACHC Accreditation

Meijer has received accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Healthcare (ACHC) for Specialty Pharmacy at Retail, less than a year after acquiring Aureus Health Services.

Specialty pharmacy involves high-touch, high-cost and highly complex medications for patients with complex chronic conditions. Meijer purchased Aureus Health Services to help care for patients with these unique pharmacy needs.

Meijer’s pharmacies, which operate in all 228 Meijer supercenters, now provide patient services involving total patient management and coordination of care with the health care system. Patients receive a review of all their medications and an in-depth look into their medical history. This holistic standard of care results in higher medication adherence rates and healthier patients.

Meijer has turned its pharmacies into a customer destination via expanded clinical services, as well as a free medication program that includes antibiotics, prenatal vitamins and medications for individuals with Type 2 Diabetes and high cholesterol. The free prescription program has filled more than 33 million prescriptions, saving customers more than $460 million since its inception.

“ACHC is honored to grant the Meijer retail pharmacy group accreditation for specialty pharmacy distribution at the retail level,” said Tim Saffley, ACHC Director, DME, Pharmacy & Sleep. “Their recognition and hard work in understanding the value the pharmacist provides with face-to-face interaction for the management of specialty medications sets the standard in the specialty market. We look forward to working with Meijer to promote better patient education and adherence.”

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