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Meijer Launches Platinum MasterCard

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Meijer has introduced a Platinum MasterCard in the Chicago market that delivers rewards purchases by Meijer customers made either inside or outside the retailer's stores.

"Since the successful launch of our in-store Meijer credit card, customers have asked for the flexibility of using the card for purchases made outside Meijer and a rewards offer," said Michael Ross, dir. of marketing strategy, customer relationship management, eCommerce. "Not only will this Platinum MasterCard card provide worldwide service, customers will benefit from the exceptional rewards program."

The new card, set to roll out chainwide on Nov. 2, will offer all the current benefits of the Meijer credit card, plus new enhancements such as worldwide acceptance, rewards program, higher line of credit, and competitive APR's. Meijer is also among the first to offer a MasterCard card with instant in-store approval and deferred payment programs.

"The Meijer MasterCard card will continue to differentiate us from other retailers," said Ross. The card will offer monthly event savings, instant credit, finance promotions, and Meijer Community Rewards that can be earned on over 200,000-plus products and gas.
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