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Meijer Launches New Ads for Holiday Season

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Meijer plans to launch a range of new advertising spots in support of the upcoming holiday season. The new work includes a special campaign supporting store-wide low prices as well as spots focused on holiday sales events, holiday gift-giving, and enhanced electronics offerings.

”We're excited about these new ads, all of which reinforce our Higher Standards/Lower Prices commitment and do so in a highly entertaining, attention-getting way," said Jeff Handler, s.v.p. for marketing at Meijer.

In addition to customers, Meijer expects the new spots to gain the attention of the advertising industry itself, noted Handler. "The work we produced last year has generated unprecedented recognition for Meijer amongst advertising and retail industry peers, judging by the many awards it's earned," he said.

Meijer TV and Radio spots took coveted medals at competitions ranging from the Addy Awards (where Meijer won more Gold Awards than any other advertiser, including the Best in Show Award), the Clio Awards, the New York International Festivals and the Retail Advertising Conference Awards (voted on by retailers who are RAC members), among others.

The three new spots include:
* Phone Call features a turkey who calls a woman to plead that she go to the Meijer Thanksgiving Day Sale rather than cook turkey ("Who likes turkey, anyway?!");
* Shopping Cart uses a humorous role-reversal between a young girl and her dad, who insists she let him buy this, that, and the other thing from Meijer's electronics department; and
* Tree Trimming, which cleverly illustrates how, "At Meijer, you can afford a little more."

Ad agency DeVito/Verdi, out of New York produces the Meijer radio/television campaigns. "The Meijer brand and its advertising team members has been a continual source of creative inspiration that has allowed us to gain a competitive advantage," said Ellis Verdi, president of DeVito/Verdi. "Even where the competition is fierce and includes one of the largest companies in the world, it's not hard to presume that with our partnership we can continue to beat most retailers in the country year after year with the best, most recognized creative product in the category."

Meijer's latest awards came from the prestigious film and advertising competition at Cannes, France. There, Meijer won two Cannes Lions, for its Spinach and Boyfriend TV spots. "What's really amazing is that those two Lions were among a total of only twenty-one earned by all American advertisers," said Ellis Verdi.
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