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Meet Nicky: Big Impact Paper Products with a Lighter Footprint


Sofidel Group knows that manufacturing paper products requires safety, hygiene, comfort, value, innovation, respect for the environment, and responsible consumption. That’s why, with a commitment to sustainability and a drive for clean living, Sofidel America presents Nicky — a new line of big-impact paper products with a lighter footprint.

Q: What is Nicky? How is it different from other paper products on grocery store shelves?

A: The Nicky brand was an innovation born from experience as part of the Sofi del Group; providing consumers and businesses with sustainable and hygienic paper products for over 55 years. Nicky has already become a trusted brand in numerous markets, including the UK, Spain, Ireland, and Italy. Today, Sofi del America continues expanding and meeting the needs of its partners, and ultimately consumers, by taking key learnings from global markets and translating those into the US Nicky expansion.

Nicky is the first US-produced household paper brand to provide a full product assortment wrapped with plastic free packaging — reducing the impact of plastics on the environment. The line includes paper towels, bath tissue, facial tissues, dinner napkins, and our new innovative Super Shine household towel — designed to demonstrate how innovation can improve the consumer experience.

Super Shine is a unique 3-ply paper household towel made with super-sized sheets. They are ideal for cleaning all surfaces with extra thickness and strength for scrubbing, plus, Super Shine is lint-free so your shiny surfaces like mirrors, stainless steel, or glass are left streak-free.

Q: Why should grocery retailers care about putting Nicky on store shelves?

A: Research from McKinsey and NielsenIQ shows that 78% of US consumers care about sustainability and back it up with their wallets. A greener assortment translates to actual spending behavior, and with Nicky — grocery retailers don’t have to choose between sustainability or growth.

What’s more, Nicky believes that consumers should not have to choose between price, quality, or sustainability — they should be able to have all three. Carrying a brand like Nicky helps consumers create a more sustainable future without being too hard or expensive to accomplish. When you combine this with Sofidel’s passion for the planet, you have a triple win: A win for the consumer, a win for the retailer, and a win for the planet.

Q: Why is it so important for retailers to carry products like Nicky that use virgin fibers?

A: Nicky is made with super soft and high absorbency FSC® certified virgin fiber, so the consumer gets a product that works. Prioritizing the use of FSC® certified virgin fiber as a raw material means that the paper used in the production of Nicky is from sustainably managed forests that follow strict management principles to ensure a quality sustainable product. In short, quality paper products do not mean there’s a need for deforestation.

Q: How does Sofidel decide when to launch a new brand? What characteristics should it have?

A: At Sofidel we consider the consumer, category, and the planet before launching a new brand. We look for gaps in consumer needs, or opportunities to improve the consumer experience. Our brands, like Nicky, should be high performance so that less product needs to be used.

In addition to quality, Sofidel manufactures products in a way that removes anything unnecessary from the entire production cycle, resulting in less CO2, less plastic, and less water waste. Each innovation is deeply rooted in Sofidel’s Clean Living purpose: For everyday needs (the product), for a healthier planet (the environment), and for integrity and respect (the people).

Visit:, and learn how to partner for a healthier, cleaner future.

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