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Meat, Poultry Alliance Unveils Consumer Web Site

WASHINGTON - The Meat and Poultry Communications Alliance, a coalition of three industry organizations, has launched a new Web site to offer consumers and the news media quick and easy meat and poultry nutrition information.

The site, a joint project of the American Meat Institute, National Chicken Council, and National Turkey Federation, was developed with assistance from nutrition expert Michele Tuttle, M.P.H., R.D. It includes scientifically referenced sections on dietary fat, protein, weight loss and portion size; a recipe section; frequently asked questions; and a list of third party experts who can provide background and comment.

“This is an important time in the world of nutrition,” said Janet Riley, AMI s.v.p. of public affairs and professional development. “New research is affirming the importance of protein in the diet. Meanwhile, the nutrition value of our products has never been better, and soon consumers will have nutrition labels on more products in the meat case. We thought a dedicated site would be timely and instructive for consumers.”

According to Sherrie Rosenblatt, senior director of public relations at the National Turkey Federation, “Often the conventional nutrition wisdom is badly outdated. This site offers one-stop shopping for the meat and poultry consumer.”

The Web site’s address is:
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