McDonald's Renting DVDs

OAK BROOK, Ill. - Do you want fries with that DVD? McDonald's Corp., based here, said this week it would begin testing DVD rental kiosks at all of its 105 restaurants in the Denver market. If the summerlong test is successful, the hamburger chain may roll the concept out to all of its restaurants nationwide.

DVDs will be rented at Redbox kiosks located inside and outside the restaurants. The rental fee is $1 per day, and the DVDs can be returned to any McDonald's. By comparison, Blockbuster currently charges $3.99 for three days, and the DVDs must be returned to the outlet from which they were rented.

McDonald's kiosks will stock the same top 30 DVD titles as video stores. Those titles account for about 80 percent of all DVD rentals.

The rental machines are made by DVDPlay in Los Gatos, Calif. and are also being tested in Albertsons supermarkets in the Salt Lake City area, according to the company.
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