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McDonald's Now Testing 10 Percent of Beef

CHICAGO -- McDonald's Corp., the globe's leading foodservice chain, said it exceeded its 2004 goal of tracing 10 percent of all U.S. beef purchases back to the farms where the animals originated.

"We do set the targets ourselves," Maura Havenga, s.v.p. for McDonald's North America Supply Chain Management Corp., said at the Reuters Food Summit. Noting that the fast food giant has set "small targets," Havenga said the traceability process will continue to evolve through 2007 as an "internally driven" challenge it is placing on itself and its suppliers.

McDonald's, the nation's largest single buyer of beef at nearly one billion pounds a year, aims to "work neck-and-neck with the government, as well as helping them increase traceability in the U.S.," Havenga added.
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