McDonald's Begins Selling Chinese Fare in Hong Kong

HONG KONG - McDonald's Corp. has begun selling Chinese-style meals in Hong Kong to better compete during the territory's bitter economic downturn, Reuters reports.

The HK$22 (US$2.80) rice-and-chicken meals made their debut on Monday night and marked a departure for the American fast food giant, which has sold hamburgers in this city for the last 27 years.

"The rice menu fits seamlessly into the dietary habit of Hong Kong Chinese with rice as their staple food," McDonald's said in a statement.

Restaurants in Hong Kong have been challenged amidst the area's second recession in four years and record unemployment.

Many eateries, including traditional restaurant chains, have closed down in recent years, as residents prefer to eat at home or more cheaply at fast-food joints.

In turn, fast-food restaurants have been cutting prices or offering ever more attractive meals to draw in crowds. While hamburgers are a favorite with many children in Hong Kong, most adults prefer traditional Chinese fare, Reuters reports.
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