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Mass Connections to Open Retail DC in Cincinnati Area

CERRITOS, Calif. -- Mass Connections, which specializes in retail marketing services and consumer-related promotions, said yesterday it planned to open a new office and distribution center in the Cincinnati suburbs in late July.

"Cincinnati was chosen due to the large number of retailers and CPG's that have offices in the area," Mass Connections spokesman James Madden told Progressive Grocer. "The area provides excellent shipping capabilities, [and] the geography is also ideal to better serve Midwest and East Coast retail interests. Mass Connections is strongly committed to providing the most efficient, cost-effective service to its clients -- establishing a second distribution center fits those goals very well. Our office facilities will also provide an excellent venue to meet with our retail partners and further strengthen our industry relationships."

Cincinnati is home to Kroger and Procter & Gamble.

The DC will feature such advanced shipping technologies as RFID, real-time tracking, and custom labeling for each client. The technologies will reduce costs, provide a quick turnaround on orders, and let Mass Connections take care of several programs simultaneously, the company said.

The facility will be able to deliver 3,000 to 5,000 packages a day, six days a week, while cutting outbound freight costs for Mass Connections clients. Using both the Cincinnati-area DC and its 50,000-square-foot Southern California facilities, Mass Connections will be able to send marketing materials anywhere in the 48 contiguous states within three days.

Additionally, United Parcel Service has asked Mass Connections to take part in UPS' RFID test program, Mass Connections said yesterday.

When asked what retail initiatives Mass Connections was currently working on, Madden said, "We’re going to [use] technology to drive consumers into the center store." He declined to provide further specifics, but said the company was currently "looking at a bunch of different applications."
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