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Marsh Supermarkets Launches POS Marketing Program

Marsh Supermarkets has joined a retailer network to offer a point-of-sale (POS) marketing program to its customers. 

Indianapolis-based grocer will reach millions of shoppers across its 73 stores in Indiana and Ohio with personalized, targeted offers on the front of consumer receipts. Its technology partner is InStream.

Amit Bhardwaj, the chain’s senior director of customer loyalty, said the program “reinforces our Fresh Idea loyalty offers and commitment to deliver savings and value to Marsh shoppers."

The marketing program aims to drive customer engagement and sales via personalized targeting based on customer-specific purchase data:

  • Bridging POS to digital programs with measurable results
  • Extending and building loyalty with frequent shoppers
  • Generating trial and repeat purchases via coupon/promotion offers with timely calls to action supporting in-store merchandising programs.

“Marsh will enjoy the benefit of leveraging our unique offer management platform and marketing solutions to targeted shoppers, enhancing the shopper experience while driving the next sale—where and when they shop," said InStream CEO Ann Raider. 

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