Marketing Campaign Has Grape Expectations

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Marketing Campaign Has Grape Expectations


Now that California’s fresh grape season has kicked off, Food Network viewers will see commercials in which distinguished chefs from around the country discuss why they love California grapes. The ads also direct viewers to the Food Network’s Web site at to watch videos, find recipes and get additional information on grapes from the Golden State.

“The Food Network is watched by millions of shoppers and has a tremendous impact on what people buy and eat,” noted Jim Howard, VP of the Fresno-based California Table Grape Commission. “Research shows that 69 percent of primary grocery shoppers watched the Food Network in the last seven days.”

The network’s online presence is just as far-reaching. The No. 1 food-related Web site in the United States, it garners over 190 million page views monthly. “Not only are we reaching millions of consumers, we’re doing so in a way that carries a lot of credibility with shoppers,” observed Howard, adding that the site features videos of Food Network chefs cooking with grapes under the banner “Why We Love Grapes.” “Having the network endorse grapes in that way, along with online videos from Food Network chefs is powerful,” he said.

The site’s “Why We Love Grapes” section will remain up for the balance of the year, while the TV ads will run throughout the season and appear on the full range of Food Network shows in daytime, weekend and prime-time slots.

Banner ads on the Food Network site and affiliated sites such as will run during the season and be tagged to local retailers in exchange for enhanced promotional commitments. Traffic radio and magazine ads are also available with tagging opportunities for retailers.

The California legislature created the California Table Grape Commission in 1967 to boost worldwide demand for fresh California grapes through a range of research and promotional programs.