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Market Basket Employees Urged to Return to Work


In the latest development in the ongoing Demoulas Market Basket fracas, warehouse and headquarters support teams received letters signed by co-CEOs Felicia Thornton and Jim Gooch instructing them to return to work by Friday or face losing their jobs.

The letter, which was covered extensively by local media outlets and first posted to social media sites, reads: 

"You have not reported to work in several weeks. Since that time, the company has communicated with you on numerous occasions to request that you return to your role. In these communications, the company has welcomed you back to your position without any consequences. Despite these efforts, you have ignored the company's repeated offers to return.

We are writing one final time, to invite you to return to work and perform your job obligations. If your role requires that you primarily work at the company's headquarters or distribution facilities, you must return to such role ready to fulfill your duties by no later than Friday, August 15, 2014.

Alternatively, if your job is based in the field, you are required to return to work and contact either of us prior to August 15 to review the work you are performing. Should you choose to ignore either of these directives, the company will consider you to have abandoned your job, thereby ending your employment with the company.

We look forward to your return so that we can resume our efforts to fulfill our customer's needs."

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