Manufacturers Approve of Organic Labeling

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Grocery Manufacturers of America today endorsed the U.S. Department of Agriculture's national organic program as a way to provide consumers with accurate labeling information about organic foods and ingredients.

The new standards provide food manufacturers with four labeling options: 100 percent organic, 95-100 percent organic, at least 70 percent organic or that contain only specific organic ingredients. GMA said its member companies will comply with these standards for their existing organic products and will implement them as they develop new product lines.

"For consumers who choose organic products, we believe the USDA organic standards bring a much needed uniformity to organic food labels," said GMA Director of Scientific and Nutrition Policy Alison Kretser. "

The USDA standards apply to organic food production from farm-to-fork. "GMA also
believes the USDA's strict national standards for growing, harvesting, shipping and
storing organic foods will maintain consumer confidence in the quality of organic
products," added Kretser.
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