Making Dental Health Child’s Play

In time for National Children’s Dental Health Month in February, Medford, Mass.-based Natural Dentist, Inc. has added a new toothpaste variety to its children’s natural oral care line: The Natural Dentist Cavity Zapper Fluoride Toothpaste in Groovy Grape flavor. Formulated to fight cavities and strengthen tooth enamel with fluoride, the smooth, sparkly gel toothpaste also helps prevent acid wear from soda and sports drinks. The product additionally features herbal ingredients for oral health, and dentist-recommended xylitol, but contains no sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a common foaming agent in toothpaste that can irritate the mouth, particularly in children prone to canker sores, The suggested retail price for a 5-ounce tube is $4.99 to $5.99. Further, the company has revamped the packaging of its entire children’s line, which also consists of a toothpaste and Cavity Zapper Fluoride Rinse both in a Berry Blast flavor, with the introduction of a logo with kid-friendly grape and berry characters. To find out more, visit
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